About us

We are a small construction company with a cooperating team of highly qualified specialists. We have developed a wide network of contacts with colleagues and companies that have continuously proven their sense of responsibility and competence in the construction industry. Balanced quality/service price ratio. Excellent knowledge of the construction market and construction technologies in France. We keep track of the new products of the leading companies in this industry and we work with professional machines and tools in order to achieve high effectiveness of the end product. With our individual and flexible approach, we do our best in our work in order to satisfy the customer, by taking into account their unique and specific needs. In order to neutralize the unpleasant feeling and annoying after completion of the "home repair" experience, we maintain the site clean during work.                                                            

   About you

Being our customer makes you unique and special! Our goal is to make your dreams for a cosy home come true! We do not allow any compromise in our work! We strictly observe the technological processes of the implementation! We do not evade responsibility and do not give up in case of insuperable obstacles! We rather look for a solution and find it! Punctuality and accurateness of the work, even for the smallest details! You are satisfied by the perfectly finished repair work! We are at your service 

   Method of work 

We work according to a plan provided by an architect or according to your idea. We implement any special and non-standard solutions. The company has well-trained specialists with professional experience. The quality of the completed work and the cleanness of the construction site are very important to us. We carry out daily training for our workers. We use new professional machines and instruments. We sign contracts with our customers. We issue guarantees for the implemented construction and mounting works.